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Fishing on the Wild Side

Fishing on the Wild Side

Mike Fry doesn’t only live on the Wild Side of Tasmania, but also goes fishing in probably the wildest boat ever to troll for trout—certainly in Tasmania. 
When your mate says ‘What are you doing tomorrow, want to come up the Gordon for the night?’ it would be pretty hard to say anything else except “you bet” and start checking out your tackle box and packing your overnight bag. But if your mate was Troy Grining and he wanted to give his new 52ft, high speed cruiser a run across Macquarie Harbour, test the new onboard dory with a chance of landing a nice Gordon River Brown you would have to feel privileged. I didn’t say anything about getting on my hands and knees and kissing his feet…just having a lend of ya’ but I did feel very appreciative.

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low-headLow Head Report 14/6/2015

Despite the pretty cold and drab conditions I decided I'd go for a look off Low head yesterday[14/06/2015] for a Gummy and perhaps a few Flatties.I left Kelso ramp at 8.45am when at least it had warmed up a bit to be met by a sea that was devoid of swell and just some small wind waves.I went to a spot I fish fairly regularly and dropped the anchor in 18m of water. Usually I've got some burley but yesterday the freezer was empty.

The first hour was quite but then I got a small Couta  which was promptly dispatched for fresh bait.I could now use the frozen bait I had for burley. Baited up with the fresh Couta and next drop I got a just legal Flathead. Then nothing again but I was throwing bits of burley in the drink regurlarly and the head and frame from the Couta had made a bit more. Suddenly the rod bent over and 5 minutes later had a 900mm Gummy in the net. Things were looking up.

Unfortunately the Gummy seemed to signal a feeding frenzy by those wet sacks called Port Jackson and must of got about 10 in the next 2 hours. Also I got another 3 Flathead which made a change from the brown bags.I called it a day at 1.30 pm with a good feed of Flatties and Flake which was a lot better than I  expected. When I cleaned the Gummy it had about 7 pieces of burley plus the head of the Couta in it's stomach so the burley does work.

Photo is not much but it's a bit hard to get a decent photo of a Gummy when you're the only one in the boat.!!!!


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