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Garfish time

The particular species of garfish that is common to Tasmanian waters, especially during winter, is the Southern sea garfish. It is found in most Southern Australian states both in the open ocean and throughout our estuary systems. They are predominantly a herbivore and feed mainly on varying species of sea grass, algal filaments and small amounts of crustaceans. They spawn in shallow sea grass beds throughout the summer months October to March.Georges Bay becomes a hot spot for big fat XOS sized garfish from April onwards and when a hot garfish bite is on dozens of boats line up to jostle for a position along the main channel leading out to the barway

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships

This is an initial post for this event. A lot more information will be available soon, and will have a dedicated section for this event.
Download the Registration Information document here
and the Registration Form here

Win a pallet of beer in the Iron House Challenge

The Iron House Challenge, this Easter Saturday, 23 April is an event designed to cater for all levels of sea going anglers ranging from the 40 foot plus charter boat to the beach launched tinnie.
Run from White Sands Resort at Iron House Point just south of Falmouth it promises to be fun for all.
The fishing rules for the event are also simple so as to enable a wide range of anglers access. It does not matter if you use a hand line or a $1500 electric reel, so long as you fish legally and the fish is caught during the competition hours you can be a winner.

Click Read More for the full poster and Entry Form.

The Australian National Sportfishing Association Report

The Australian National Sportfishing Association had their annual trip to Derwent Bridge over the last weekend (13th – 16th August). The trip was an absolute standout with many fish being caught. All members were rewarded with good salmon and trout.
The comp is based on the “Grand Slam” model with points being rewarded cross the four salmonoid species. Brook, Brown, Rainbow and Atlantic.

Tasmania’s Pat Sullivan beats Australia’s best

Tasmanian, Pat Sullivan recently won the ABT Derwent Bream Qualifier against Australia’s best tournament anglers. This is how he did it.

Australia Wins Commonwealth Fly Fishing Champs

Llandridod Well, Wales 2010

Individual Results
place name total placings points No of fish longest fish

1 MICHAEL LOW - SCM 17 16380 24 400

2 NEIL HIRTZEL - NZ 18 15200 20 375

3 EMELIO CAGGIANO - AUSW 18 14760 21 390

4 IAN JONES - SCM 19 18000 28 390

5 PHIL DIXON - ENG 19 17060 23 410

6 MARTIN FERREIRA - SAM 20 18660 25 395

7 TOM WATSON - AUSW 20 16700 24 390

8 JOE RILEY - AUSW 21 14120 21 400

9 SIMON KID - ENG 22 20220 31 386

10 CHERYLEE POWELL - SAL 22 16080 23 390

 World Fly Fishing Championship Results












World Fly Fishing Championships Day 1 June 18

The first day of competition is varied Jonathon Stagg 2nd overall  individual with 2 great sessions. Whilst this is great news it is a measure of the man, even in the heat of competition Staggy denied himself 1 fish as the boat was just underway. The controller was about to measure the fish when Staggy returned the measurable fish to the water.... putting the ideals of sportsmanship ahead of all else!

World Fly Fishing Championships Day 2

The world flyfishing championships is a “5 quarter “competition! I am pleased to report at "half time" with 2 sessions to go Aussies have had a good day on the river and lake with No Blanks. Considering the conditions an outstanding feat!

Australia after 3 sessions is 8th an improvement of 4 positions from last evening. Tomorrow another day is Am and Pm  sessions on lake and river.

World Fly Fishing Championships update 17 June

To all our friends and well wishers.

The formal practice is now over and we leave in just a few minutes for the opening ceremony. The team is in a great state of mind for what ever he challenges is in the next three days.

Practice has gone well! With the assistance of Jeremy Lucas and guide Richard our political dissident of former year.  We have a very good understanding of the different waters and their likely fish holding capacity.

World Fly Fishing Championships update 14 June.

Poland is very much a country grounded in agriculture and forestry. As mentioned in a previous report forest make up over sixty percent of Poland's total area. The land is owned in small areas, with fodder stacks arranged like small haystacks cropped by hand often with a scythe and sickle. Somewhere are fields for cropping with the most important crops of grains, of which the highest yields came from rye, wheat, barley, and oats. Poland is currently the largest producer of potatoes and rye in Europe and is one of the world's largest producers of sugarbeet.

Australians practise well for World Championships

The weather continues to improve in Poland revealing a rich tapestry of greens everywhere we look This land that has been shredded by invading hordes over centuries has the greatest proportion of land reserved for forest in Europe  Valleys merge into distant faded horizons now all bathed in welcome sunshine. The rivers are turning to bubbly streams with improved clarity gone are the “latte” colors of the sodden days.

Australian Fly Fishing Championship Team hampered by rain

4 June.
Peter Dixon, as Captain, aided by manager Royce Baxter, is leading Joe Riley, Jonathan Stagg, Tom Watson, Emilio Caggianoe, Craig Coltman and Max Verashaka on their bid for World Championship success. They are a tremendously experienced team. Their preparation has been over a long period of time, even former championships. Team Australia is ranked 7th in the World, which, in the rather biased scheme of these things, is testament to their long term dedication to the team venture. In the contest, which so frequently involves grayling, and river, locations, to be so competitive at this level is remarkable in itself, reflecting, of course, Australia's constant excellence in sport.

Tasmania Sports Award 2010

Just a quick email to let you know that the Longford fishing club won the inaugural Community Club award at 46th Tasmanian Sports Award and Gala dinner held at the Wrest Point Casino last night.
The evening was a black tie affair with over four hundred attending and hosted by Jo Palmer and Tim Lane.

Australia performs well in the 2007 World Fly Fishing Championships

Joe Riley
In May 2007 year the Australian Fly Fishing Team departed our shores to contest the 27th World Fly Fishing Championships in Kemi, Finland. Joe Riley recounts the experience.

World Fly Fishing Championship results

Very sketchy report, and difficult to read even on the official site

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