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A northern winter Adventure

Craig Rist

As we all know, Tasmania has some great fishing, even during winter, but there's something very compelling and exciting about heading north to experience new waters. Squeezing in an extra 5 weeks of summer by heading north is definitely something to look forward to. Even more so when you are towing a 6 metre boat to one of Australia's best tropical fishing destinations. Mind you, wanting to go and actually taking that first step can be one of the hardest things to overcome.
It was late July, overcast and raining, as we drove onto the Spirit of Tasmania 3 in Devonport, bound for Sydney, the start of our road trip north to Cape York in far north Queensland.

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

Tasmanian Trout Classic Tournament Series

Dates of the upcoming Tasmanian Trout Classic Tournament Series to be held August through November.
Dates and venues are as follows;
  • R1 - Derwent River AUG 30/31 launching from Millbrook Rise
  • R2 - Great Lake OCT 18/19 launching from Swan Bay
  • R3 - Arthurs Lake NOV 29/30 launching from Jonah Bay

World Fly Fishing Championship 2014

The World Championships are over and we are on the road to Prague, just stopped now in Ceske Budovice for breakfast/coffee at - wait for it - McDonalds! The boys are looking pretty comfortable tucking into their Veprova Bageta Deluxes, loosely translated by John Fisher as "a Big Mac with a lot of something". We have another couple of hours of driving to Prague airport where Luke and Hobbsy will catch flights home and the rest of us will go on to Devon in England for the Commonwealth Championships.

2014 Tasmanian Flycasting Championships

The 2014 Tasmanian Flycasting Championships were held at the beautiful Salmon Ponds at Plenty.  The weekend celebrations of the 150th Anniversary  since the introduction of Trout ensured a large positive crowd were present to  watch the competition.

Pirtek Fishing Challenge - Tasmania

Here's the final results for the Pirtek Fishing Challenge for tassie. I'm very happy with my result to catch what I did in the Mersey River as I knew it was going to be tough to be most fish taken from the lakes. I won a $300-00 prize pack from Berkley & Companion Equipment.

Tasmanian Family Fishing Festival

Get on it people....great event and full of fantastic features this year....visit the Tasmanian Family Fishing Festival page to find out all about what else is happening this year....exciting stuff  The Tasmanian Family Fishing Festival is a Family event based around a Fishing competition that will be held from St Helens on Tasmania's sunny East Coast.
The Tasmanian Family Fishing Festival will be held on Saturday the 27th of April, competition registrations will be available from 7-8am on the St Helens Foreshore, fishing time is from 8am-2pm, weigh in from 2pm-4pm and presentations at 5pm.
Cost is Adults $20 and children under 16 $10
Fish off a jetty or a boat, anyone can enter with lots of fantastic prizes up for grabs, including a boat with motor. 

Triabunna Fishing Festival

Information and entry forms are at
Click Read More for the Flyer

Triabunna Seafest

Triabunna Seafest is a 2 day event being held on APRIL 5th and 6th
The weekend will include Tasmania's richest fishing tournament 
The prize pool is $ 30 000 and growing.
IMPORTANTLY there is are two sections both being eligible for the $15 000 major prize

The National Fly Fishing Champinships

The National Fly Fishing Champinships were held over 3 days finishing Sunday with Josh Flowers of Meander finishing a brilliant first at only 18 years old (first Nationals) and Jonothan Stagg of Relbia a close second (previous 3 times National winner and 11th individual in the last World Championships in Norway).Vern Barby of Ballarat was third. 
In the Teams Event, Victoria was first, Tasmania second and South Australia/Western Australia third.

New World Champion

Melissa Nelson has received news her World Record Claim has been officially recognised.
The southern bluefin tuna at 108kg was 30kg bigger than the previous record holder taken on 80lb.

World Record SBT

World Fly Fishing Championships, Norway 2013 Summary

It is disappointing to travel this far and get such poor fishing. For the Aussies, the planning starts more than 18 months before the event and you can’t help but feel a little deflated once everything is over. A ninth place finish was not what we had hoped for and although a ‘podium’ finish might seem a long way off, it is certainly achievable. There were many lessons learned from this year’s event.

New Reports by Christopher Bassano from the World Fly Fishing Championships

Please find eleven reports from Christopher Bassano.
First Report
I thought I would send you all a quick email from Europe as I had promised I would. As you will know, the team arrived in Norway this morning for two weeks of practice before the official competition week.Unfortunately, I have been unable to join them in Mosjoen as I have been unwell and in hospital since Saturday. It turned out that I had a bad case of gastro and my antibiotics seem to be doing the job. As I am currently in Wales, I will join the team in the evening of the 4th of August.

Flyfishing World Championships Fundraiser

Next week we will have some tackle to give away, so stay tuned.
Chance to bag some cricket and fishing gear.
I am a member of the Van Dieman Fly Fishers Club and for many years we have had representatives in Australian and World teams.
This year we have four members in the Australian team going to fish the World Championships in Norway.
A fund raiser is being held 1 June and you are invited to attend.
There are some great prizes. See the flyer attached.
Kind regards, Mike Stevens


The fifth Pirtek Fishing Challenge was held on Sunday, 24 March with 7500 anglers from all over Australia competing in the one-day event from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm. The Challenge is a catch and release tournament with anglers photographing their prized catch of the day and then uploading the photo for judging. This year there were 20 target species spread across the nation and seven prizes up for grabs for each target species - a total of 140 prizes.

Pirtek Challenge

Well what can i say apart from it rained,.. the fish stayed inside out of the rain. But there were three members of Tassiepaddlers that didnt let the weather or the catching of no fish worry them. These members were Chipz,Spork and Simmo. All i can say it was great company and fantastic time together on and off the water. We got into a harty breakky before the Pirtek Challenge started.

Tom Jenkins Memorial Bluefin Competition

Thursday 25 Friday 26th & Saturday 27th April 2013
This is the final schedule and entry form for the upcoming Tom Jenkins Memorial Bluefin comp to be held at The Tuna Club of Tasmania’s home base, Pirates Bay.
Note- Dinner and mega auction to be held at the Lufra on Friday night and a second briefing for those only wishing to fish 2 days!

Click more for all available PDF's

The Tasmanian Bream Classic 2013 Final Results

Day Two saw a small breeze at the start and weather was a little cooler. Team Bream It On backed up their lead with another good bag leaving them on top of the leader board with Josh Williams taking out the Cranka big Bream with a 1.520kg. Team Cranka slugged it out with no main motor all weekend and still came up with the goods, slotting them into second place with a top bag 5.670kg. Third place went to a father and son team with smiles all round for them. Another smooth and great tournament was had by all. With anglers looking forward to the final round on the Derwent River in Hobart.

Tasmanian Bream Classic 2013 Saturday 9 March Results

Today saw the start of  round 2 of The Tasmanian Bream classic 2013 held on the Swan River. Weather conditions were perfect and Swansea as always put on a beautiful day. With nearly all anglers catching a mix of big and small fish, positions after day one are tight and as a result have made way for a tightly contested day of fishing tomorrow.


Yep - Extra bonus in Pirtek Challenge

The nationwide Pirtek fishing challenge competition is on again, this year it is to be held on Sunday the 24th of March right across Australia. Primarily this competition is designed as a fund raiser for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. ( You may not know this, but for the last 2 years the Tasmanian section has been won using YEP TASSIE TACKLE LURES!

2011 / Mike Stevens: Won the Tassie section with a huge black back salmon caught on a Yep  Tassie Tackle “Black "n" Gold Flapper” soft plastic. (click picture to enlarge)



2012 / Marcus Popowski: Won the Tassie section with the biggest flathead whilst using a  Yep Tassie Tackle “Pearl White Flapper” soft plastic. (click picture to enlarge)

So given the above mentioned results, we have decided to run a competition alongside the Pirtek Challenge and attempt a "Hat Trick" of wins! Our prize on offer is $300 worth of Yep Tassie Tackle, given to any person that wins the 2013 Pirtek challenge using a Yep Tassie Tackle lure.

Rules For The Yep Tassie Tackle / HAT TRICK Competition:

  • The winner must have caught the fish using a Yep Tassie Tackle lure
  • The winner must be confirmed as the winner of the Pirtek challenge
  • The winner must email pictures of the winning fish and angler to Yep Tassie Tackle and agree for Yep Tassie Tackle to use this material for advertising

The $300 worth of Yep Tassie Tackle Lures prize will be given to the first prize winner of the Pirtek Challenge - ADULT
The $100 worth of Yep Tassie Tackle Lures prize will be given to the first prize winner of the Pirtek Challenge - JUNIOR

Picture of fish on Pirtek Brag Mat with Yep Lure must be supplied

Pirtek Fishing Challenge 2013

Welcome to the Pirtek Fishing Challenge 2013. Thanks very much for your participation last year. The support that you, and the other 6500 anglers who participated in 2012, allowed us to hand over a cheque for $130,000 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Sunday, 24 March 2013 is the day to lock away in your diary. There is over $145,000 in cash and prizes to be won, and it's still only $20 to enter. This fee goes directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, and we'll send you a limited edition Pirtek Fishing Challenge 2013 cap and brag mat.

Tasmanian Bream Classic

The entry form can be downloaded here

Commonwealth Fly Fishing Results Tasmania 2012-Final Results

From the organizers. These are marked as final.

Final Team Results - Final Individual Results

Further results -  Click on Read More

Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships comes to Tasmania

Tasmania will host the XV Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships from 15-18 February 2012.

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