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Fumbling around in the dark I finally found the mobile phone and switched off the alarm. The 3wt was set up with a new fly (I like to have a brand new fly on at the start of each fishing trip. It makes no difference to catch rates, only in my head!) and the contents of the pack checked last night. Now its time to get out of bed, have the usual hot Milo and put the waders on. That is of course after the warm thermal layers have gone on.Read more ...

When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

Pirtek Fishing Challenge - Tasmania

Here's the final results for the Pirtek Fishing Challenge for tassie. I'm very happy with my result to catch what I did in the Mersey River as I knew it was going to be tough to be most fish taken from the lakes. I won a $300-00 prize pack from Berkley & Companion Equipment.
**Tasmania Pirtek winners.
 Brown Trout
1st 61.0cm Jamie Harris
2nd 56.0cm Adrian Webb
3rd 55.8cm Todd Lambert
Jr 1st 50.0cm Fletcher Crosswell
Jr 2nd 47.3cm Stephanie Crosswell
Mystery Length 48.5cm 49.6cm James Bracken
1st 43.2cm Andrew Krushka
2nd 42.7cm Nathan Meyers
3rd 40.3cm Luke Cordwell
Jr 1st NOT WON 
Jr 2nd NOT WON 
Mystery Length 35.5cm 35.6cm Jason Bird
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