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Damon Sherriff
There are many types of baits available. There is frozen, fresh, live or artificial and they all work.
Bait fishing is the most popular fishing method. Generally because any angler, of any skill level or any age can fish successfully.

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 St Helens Report 3/3/2013

We just got home from a tuna trip down at St.Helens with my brother Steve and his partner Viv. We arrived at the ramp around 8am this morning and fished until around 1.30pm. We caught around 16 albacore and a couple of stripy tuna. Most of the hook ups came from the 100 metre mark, we did troll out to the Plateau and all we caught out there was a stripy.

When we trolled back to the 100 metre mark, bang we were on again! Several times we had three and four rods going off at once. Had a ball, most were rats with a couple around 6 or 7 kilo. Fish mainly caught on Mack Baits & a couple on Meridian skirts, best water temp we found was nearly 21 degrees.
Another great day.




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