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Atlantic salmon the hard way

Atlantic salmon the hard way

Scott McDonald
The first Atlantic salmon eggs used to begin Tasmania's Atlantic salmon aquaculture industry were introduced into Tasmania in 1984. From these humble beginnings a valuable Tasmanian industry has evolved with a worldwide reputation for having a premium disease free product. This industry provides a spin off to all anglers in the form of regular escapes of salmon from the farms.

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Morwong Hunters

I know a lot of people who go fishing for the elusive striped trumpeter; this is a very hard fish to catch.
So with this in mind we decided to go fishing for morwong, thinking our chances of achieving our goal would be much easier!
We left for Bicheno at 5.00 am arriving to a sea with a small northerly slop.
Before too long, we were on the water heading out to the GPS mark we were given, hoping to get our bag of “morwong”.

Lines were down & bites came instantly, ..up come a couple of gurnards!
After 20 minutes of this, we moved to the next mark.
This time the mission was accomplished, “morwong”, double and triple hook ups, we soon had enough for a good feed.
What a great day catching the fish being targeted!
NO STRIPEYS as we wasn’t after them were we?
Dale & Trev


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