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What makes a Tasmanian guide?

Tasmanian trout guides have a worldwide reputation as guides of high skill and professionalism. This reputation hasn't happened by accident, as the peak body representing trout guides in Tasmania, (Trout Guides and Lodges Tasmania or TGALT) has continually lifted the bar in terms of guides qualifications and requirements for government accreditation.

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

George's Bay and Grand Slam

We headed to St Helens Caravan Park on Tuesday and came home on Sunday. Fishing was quiet tuff in the bay only catching 8 trevally, 4 bream and lots of other bits and pieces. All trevally were caught on a wide range of plastics and bream on Yep hard bodies. We tried swimming a wide range of hard bodies but the Yep hard bodies were the only ones that would work.

On Saturday was the Grand Slam. I caught the trevally in the first five minutes which was a great start, then a salmon just size an hour later. Then we caught a weed whiting, mullet, flathead and leather jacket which are all worth 10 points each. With 10 minutes of the comp to go Donna snared a nice bream giving us a score of 128 points.

With a huge shock we came third in the comp and we all had a great day. Thanks Dale for supplying everyone with a hard body which contributed to us winning the third place trophy.

Presidents  Jamie, Stu, Patrick and Queen Donna.
Team Hornet

PS  Once again the boys were pretty happy I was fishing with them - the numerous lure changes (they make them in such pretty colours!) two or three major knots (nothing a pair of scissors didn't fix) and a snag or two and losing a monster fish (I'm pretty sure it was a Kingfish - the boys didn't seem to agree - but I was the one holding the rod when it went crazy) all seemed trivial once I had caught the Bream:) and was pretty amazing considering the horrid reel they had me using - so have put in an order for a new one - I'm thinking a Certate reel would be fine:)

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