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Catching squid The basics

Brett Spinks

With summer fast approaching and many anglers, both serious ones and those seeking some family fun chasing the bread and butter species, its worth considering trying your luck catching something a little different, so why not squid. Catching squid can provide great fun for the family, doesn't require a boat, or expensive tackle, and provides the added bonus of being a delectable table fish.

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

The bluefin cometh

Cool currents
As the weather cools and sea temperatures slow start to decline, preparations (and hopes) turn toward the possibility of another good blue fin tuna run. Digressing momentarily, I received a phone call from Leroy at Big Fin Sports fishing. The result of conversation was the Land Based Game article, I previously mentioned was placed in the hands of "Simon" who without doubt has LBG miles on the board both here and interstate.  Simon has had some fantastic captures including a few good Kingfish captures from places here in Tasmania and is indelibly qualified on the subject matter.
So again at short notice I was again asked to stab my little sausages on the keyboard and come up with an article for aspiring anglers chasing blue fin tuna. The article is a follow up with technical information and is again aimed squarely between the eyes of the more beginner, novice or inexperienced blue water wanderers.

Chasing chooks

Tim Anderson takes a look at one of the mainstays of Tasmania's gamefishing. Albacore are not as regal as marlin, yellowfin or bluefin, but they are fun to catch and great to eat.

The build up
What smells like fish and tastes like chicken? This question has so often been asked by the likes of Cheech and Chong and although the very term conjures up images of "hedgehogs" and alley cats, rarely has the question been posed in this arena.

The answer I am looking for in this forum is obviously albacore tuna.

Pedra Branca Bluefin Bonanza

Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson tells the tale of an extraordinary fishing event-fishing for Southern bluefin tuna off Tasmania's south east coast.


By Starlo & Bushy*

* This feature article is based on extracts from Starlo & Bushy's great how-to book "On Soft Plsastics", published in 2005 by AFN Publishing of Melbourne.

At first glance, fast-swimming pelagic species such as tailor, salmon, trevally, tuna and mackerel might seem to be the least likely candidates for successful soft plastic fishing. In actual fact, nothing could be further from the truth.


Harry Murfet

An exciting new sport fishery has emerged and it adds another dimension to the usual bread and butter fishing that is associated with Tasmania's North Coast.
Mako sharks have always been present in Bass Strait waters but it is only in recent years that a few innovative anglers, sick of catching couta, pike, salmon and flathead, decided to target these gamefish. In doing so, becoming pioneers of Bass Strait game fishing.
Makos are a pelagic species, roaming the ocean in search of food that consists of squid and, in the case of Bass Strait, school fish like mackerel, salmon, mullet and couta. While most North Coast makos are juveniles in the 30 - 50 kg. range, there are plenty of reports of fish hooked, lost and landed over the 100 kg mark this year.

It's Bluefin Time Again!

Once again it's that time of year when avid game fishermen pull out their gear and give it the once over in anticipation of the arrival of the mighty southern bluefin tuna. These powerhouse fish put both angler skill and product quality to the ultimate test each year and anglers look forward to the challenge.

Low Head Makos

Mako sharks are not a species I would normally chase, and especially not at the mouth of the Tamar River. That is until Andrew Hart off Hook Line and Sinker caught the first mako shark taken on rod and reel off Low Head last season.

Plan a Game Fishing Charter Now

There is some amazing game fishing, right on Tasmania's doorstep. The amount of albacore, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, striped tuna and striped marlin is the envy of most areas of the mainland.

World Record to Tasmanian Junior

For one young Tasmanian, Anzac Day will be remembered for more than the brave and selfless acts of our men and women of the Australian Defence Forces.
April 25th, 2004, in the company of his father, Dean, 11-year-old Jake Martin together with Doug Walton and his two sons from Victoria, travelled to Pedra Branca Island, south of Tasmania.

The Fox Factor

By Jon Fox
The other week I was in St Helens onboard Saltshaker having a coffee with my old friend and ex-deckie Ronnie Smith, his skipper Rocky Carosi and TFN&B's Mike Stevens. With the anticipation of the warm waters of the East Australian Current in January and February the conversation was of the big Tuna, Sharks and Striped Marlin offshore out of St Helens and more to the point, fishing techniques used for these species in other fisheries and if they will work in Tassie.

Southern Bluefin Tuna

Just the name brings back fond memories of last season for game fishermen around the state, and what a season it was with many multiple hook ups and all but the unluckiest of anglers getting into the thick of the action. And it pretty much happened again this year.

Gearing up for Bluefin

Once again it's that time of year when avid game fishermen pull out their gear and give it the once over in anticipation of the arrival of the mighty Southern Bluefin Tuna. These powerhouse fish put both angler skill and product quality to the ultimate test each year and anglers look forward to the challenge.
So what will give you the edge when it comes to getting fish to strike and make your reel scream?


Catching Big Game Fish   

If you want to catch the big fish then you will need to start by specifically targeting the big fish. As with most forms of fishing, what ever the species is that you want to catch, it will need to be explicitly targeted. Gear, lures or baits, water temp and location all play an important role in the type of game fish you can encounter and the success that you may or may not have. Couple this with the prevailing weather conditions and you soon realise that there is more to it than just throwing a lure out and trolling around the ocean all day.

Preparing For The Coming Game Fishing Season

By the time this edition of Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News goes to press the coming game fishing season will be almost upon us. At the time of writing this article the 18-19 degree water currents that we all wait for were level with the northern tip of Flinders Island, an almost certain indication that the game season will get under way a lot earlier than would normally be expected.
Time to pull out the tackle and brush off the cobwebs in preparation for what promises to be an excellent season.

Blue Peaks - Bob Cooper

Here Bob Cooper lets us in on what the devil he gets up to in the Blue Peaks region of the Central Plateau. Bob is well known in angling circles for his capacity to walk great distances whilst claiming to be fishing. In his own unique style, Bob gives us the run down on a magnificent part of Tasmania.

Game Fishing Teasers

Teasers are almost a black art when it comes to game fishing. Some anglers are so convinced in their effectiveness that they would rather take bananas on board than leave their favourite "Teaser" at home.  

Southern bluefin tuna "Going Off'

A slow start to the gamefishing season has received a huge boost with some spectacular catches of 20 - 35 kg southern bluefin tuna off Tasmania's east coast. On Thursday 5th March there were reports of SBT being caught between Yellow Rock and The Thumbs on the Tasman Peninsula and during the St Helens Game Fishing Classic there were 17 SBT landed. Over the same weekend 7-8 March, plenty more were landed off the Tasman Peninsula.

No one knows what will happen to these bluefin that traditionally start a little later in the year, but it is fair to say there will be a lot of effort put into this fishery over the Easter break.

Southern bluefin tuna are a premium fish that are the most highly regarded sashimi by the Japanese. If you are lucky enough to catch one treat it properly to ensure the quality is at its best once back to shore. 

Beach anglers snatch rare broadbill from sea by tail.

Excerpt from Rod and Gun

Two beach anglers fishing for salmon off Four Mile Creek on Tasmania's east coast unknowingly may have created an Australian record when they captured what is believed to be a small broadbill after "foul" hooking it with a wobbler attached to a 9 lb breaking strain line.

Pursuing Yellowfin 

by Rocky Carosi

It is probably an appropriate time to talk about a pelagic gamefish, which, in gamefishing season 2000 is showing up in good numbers all the way down Tasmania's eastcoast, "the yellowfin tuna."


by Andrew Hart

Ross Hunter is one of Australia's best marlin fishermen. He takes people who have never fished before into waters that make experienced boaters shake their heads in disbelief at a lack of fish, and catches them their first marlin.
In fact if you go out with Ross, you can expect to at least see a marlin. That is a huge expectation. He fishes all along the NSW coast and pulls marlin in as if they were easy to catch.

Game fishing

The Editor, Mike Stevens, recently took a trip to Cape York to have a look at what Queensland and salt water fly fishing in that State offers.

Smutting Mako's

Recently on a game fishing trip to St. Helens some friends and I had the opportunity to meet Kaj Buschor "Bushy" as he is better known amongst the fishing fraternity - you know? the guy with the big moustache and sun hat. He's normally found sitting down the back of the boat - refusing to kiss fish each week on the Rex Hunt Fishing Show.

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