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Let's hit the beach

Dan Clifton.
Beach fishing is probably the most popular form of fishing in Australia; more people take part in beach fishing than any other form. Why? Because it is accessible to just about anyone, chances of success between beginners and experienced anglers is not too dissimilar. Having said that, experience will lead to better quality catches.

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

Lake Leake Report 6/11/2011

Apart from yesterday afternoon (where the wind got a bit wild for a time), it was fantastic weather for camping.
Fly fishing “early morning” seems to be the best bet here at the moment, although President Jim was talking to a fellow camper who had a great day a fortnight ago on duns in the Big Timber area around midday, where he landed 7.

Report Lake leake/Sth.Esk River

We fished the opening day of trout season with Bailey at Lake leake,arrived at Kalangadoo boat ramp around 10am,lake calm as a mill pond. We managed one small rainbow around 1lb in Kalangadoo bay,then we fished the big timber shore and got a 1lb brownie,lost a couple more.

Lake Leake 2011-01-21

They say an impending thunderstorm brings the fish on the bite......after today I believe it.
President Johnny Dekkers and myself left home at 4 am this morning so that we could be on the water just as daylight hit. After quickly launching Johnny's tinny, we headed out in search of feeding trout...we love this water because we know only to well that there are "nearly" always opportunities to cast to feeding fish in the windlanes that regularly form here overnight.

Fishing report Lake Leake Thursday 21st October.

Hi all,
           Mike Stevens, Stuart Cotteral and myself fished Lake Leake this morning, conditions promised a lot but delivered little. We had opportunities although the fish were not as plentiful as we have seen on previous trips. They spooked very easily....saw a few gum beetles and smut on the water but that was about it. Finished up with two, one in good condition and the other "average". Both caught on Orange bead head nymphs hung 18 inches under a dry.
President Todd

Lake Leake October 3rd, 2010

4.45 am this morning saw myself jumping out of bed and heading to Lake Leake for a spot of early morning wind lane fishing.

Report from Vic and Rose at Lake Leake

Decided to go to Lake Leake this morning, very cold early. Started to fish about seven, Victors day today he got two nice browns (slightly underweight) and a nice rainbow and returned another small rainbow.
A couple of other strikes and follow ins. All fish had a belly full of stick caddis. I couldn't fish much my shoulder as hurting.

Presidents Report from Vic and Rose

Lake Leake

Matt Byrne has fished Lake Leake consistently over the past 15 years and finds that despite its relatively central proximity to Launceston and Hobart, he rarely shares the lake with more than one or two other fishers! Here he gives a bit of incentive for anglers to explore this underrated and picturesque east coast water.

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