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The Opening

Shane Flude

August 2, 2008 sees the opening of the brown trout season in Tasmanian waters. All rivers and most lakes reopen for fishing after the closed winter spawning time. So just what awaits the early season angler for 2008? Shane Flude gives a rundown on some early season waters and examines what's new on the inland water scene. There has also been a number of new regulations introduced which are summarised at the end of this article, anglers should read their code thoroughly before heading out this season.

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lake-leake-2015-02-12-cLake Leake 9/02/2015 

Fit healthy fish having a devil of a time on a cool evening
With the lake waters still around the 20°C and a cool evening with a north easterly wind, we decided to take my sister’s boyfriend Joe out for a fish on the lake, as he had never caught a trout before.


Out on the lake by 7pm, we were soon out in the middle of Kalangadoo Bay trolling out towards the island when I hooked a small perch on a Tassie Devil Christmas tree. Connor hooks one not long after, on another little Tassie devil lure – “Hot Butterscotch”. We decided to troll to the island and then we’d turned back and troll towards for Kalangadoo Bay.

We didn’t get far, before we had a tangle happening, I decided to pull up my rod and let Connor and Joe have their rods out whilst I captained the boat. Not a second after I had put my rod down, Connor sings out that he’s on! The fish took off like crazy on the 4pound mono; it soon gave in and come straight to the boat, but not a second after it did, it went off like a rocket again and had gone out about another 25/30meters. This fish was not giving in without a fight, it just kept on going and going, after about 4 minutes it just become quite tired, and come to the boat easily once again, but soon as it saw then net, it went down deep! Luckily it had taken the lure well it gave in once again and I had it straight into the net! The camera soon comes out so we could take some live shots of the fish.

Connor made the choice to keep it after the tiring 6minute fight. It was not as big as what we first thought it was going to be, but still a lovely table fish. We then pulled the pin as it was getting dark.
Joe was hoping to catch for a trout for the first time, but I’m sure if he hangs around long enough the Lake Leake boys will have him hooked on trout fishing.

Connor's little brown went 45cm and 1.8 pounds, caught on the Tassie Devils Hot Butterscotch



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