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Presented from Issue 102, February 2013

Summer is certainly the best time of the year to go fishing around Burnie. With a little well prepared burley, you can catch just about anything! From big silver trevally and salmon to elephant fish and seven gilled sharks, there is something for just about everyone. Red Rock, situated on the western side of Burnie in the suburb of Cooee, is my favourite spot to wet a line around town. Why? The variety. There isn’t that much you cant catch there!

I’ve been fishing at Red Rock and it’s surroundings ever since I was a young whipper- snapper and I don’t think I’ve had so much success anywhere else around Burnie, or along the entire north western coastline for that matter!

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

Hello everyone, I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself.

My name is Stephen Smith and I have been managing the website since May 2009.

It has been an epic journey of learning and discovery and I am indebted to Mike Stevens for his help, support and patience.

I am developing a new venture Rubicon Web and Technology Training ( ). The focus is two part, to develop websites for individuals and small business and to train people to effectively use technology in their everyday lives.

Please contact me for further information.

Stephen Smith

lake-leake-2014-08-17-bLake Leake Report 17/8/2014

The first entry in the "Win a Groper Bandana" Competition!

With not a breath of wind and the sun shining, Connor and I decided to go for a "Late Morning Fish". We hit the water by 11am, and were soon trolling. We both had on Tassie Devil lures, an S11 Funky Frog for me, and a #110 Perch for Connor.
We were soon up past Clark’s point, when Connor says, “Let’s pull in here and have a flick or two”. I changed my lure to a Moore soft plastic, in a pumpkin seed colour rigged up with a 1/12 jig head.
First cast, it was near a big old stump, I let it drop, and picked it back up, let it drop again, and I felt a tap, I then was on! I set the hook, and it was the battle between me and this fish!

I wasn’t letting this on get off.


After a while and few laps around the boat, the fish was getting tired; I landed it in the net! I was very pleased! Not only was it my 2nd trout for the season, it is my biggest trout ever! 

We fish that area for another 40 or 50 minutes then we move to a different location just off the point. Connor goes to have ‘another’ look in his tackle box, when his rod nearly goes over the side, looking and grabbing his rod quickly, he had a small rainbow having a crack at his black and gold that was bobbing up and down in the in the water. Oh, Connor didn’t catch It, it got off!

From here we went back around Kalangadoo Bay where we called it quits for the day, as we were getting a bit hungry. 

Got back to the boat ramp and had a chat to a couple of fellow who has also caught a nice feed also. 

Great day’s fishing with Connor. Although I was watching him with the net... you never know what he might try and do when he’s not landing any trout in the boat! 

The trout went 3.7 pound cleaned and was 59 cm long – Would have been an easy 4 pound!!





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