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What is egi?
About 400 years ago a bloke in Japan was looking at squid in the harbour, while fishing, and thought there has to be a better way to catch these things. Until then the techniques were a dip net and teaser bait, cast or drag net. He studied the squid for some time and observed that the squid would prey on fish and shrimp as they slowed or stopped. After much trial and error he created an artificial bait that would suspend or sink very slowly in the water, and hopefully attract the squid to the artificial bait.

He called this artificial bait egi.

 At that stage it did not have barbs on the lower part of the egi and was used to excite the squid to attack and come close enough to pick up with a dip net. After much success attracting squid to the egi, but still having difficulty netting squid more thought came into the design.

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Lake Leake Report 26/3/2014

Well, light north easterly winds and an overcast day. Pop decided to come over for another fish with us Yun guns!  After school had finished we loaded up the rods, and were on the water by 3:30pm I had sent Adrian from FBT a PM to get some knowledge on what Mepps Spinner I should use. So I went with the copper blade #1 black fury. We trawled up the western side of Kalangadoo bay, up along Red Beach where we had a triple hook up! We were onto something, of course it would only be red fin, but hey… It’s a start!
Trawling a bit more we completed a few more runs up and down where Connor had a nice fish on for around about 7 seconds. But dropped it...  we trawled a bit more and decided to head across to the Big Timber.
We were just leaving the stumps off Read Beach when pop was onto one! But he dropped it as well - At this time I decided to change my little Mepps to a green and gold spinner (When nothing else catching them the green and gold should!)  Connor goes; “Can I use that Mepps spinner?” I go “Sure you can if anyone can catch a fish it’s going to be you”. Pop says “Common fellers we need a trout!  . I go, “chances of catching anything will be pretty slim as the wind has come around to a full on easterly!”… Well… Didn’t I eat up my own words!  Connor says, I’m on! Low and behold he hooked a nice little brown on the awesome Mepps spinner!  Landed it in the boat and it went 38cm. same size as his rainbow last Saturday. Looks like the little Mepps done its deeds!  
We trawled a bit more but decided to wind up and head in. Another great afternoon on the water, with another trout being caught.  .4 trips and 5 fish!  What the bloody hell am I doing wrong! I can’t even catch a trout; I had a really good season up to Christmas.  It hasn’t been my year after dislocating and fracturing my collarbone on the 2nd of January.   Let’s hope I can get one before the season goes out!!  
Samuel Evans
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