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Should recreational nets be banned?

An opinion piece with Mike Stevens
Many Tasmanian fishermen remember how easy it was to catch a feed of fish back in the day. Parents cherished teaching their children how to fish and took pride in Tasmania’s fisheries. But things have changed, and our fisheries just aren’t what they used to be. Bag limits are tightening and size restrictions are getting stricter. Phasing out recreational gillnets need to be part of this effort to bring our fish back because they simply don’t allow the ‘limit your catch, don’t catch your limit’ approach required to look after our fish stocks in today’s times. 
Fishing favourites Bastard Trumpeter, Blue Warehou and Banded Morwong, are all at historic lows and are vulnerable to gillnetting. Over one third of all fish caught using gillnets is thrown away – wasted. In the case of Banded Morwong and some sharks, around 90% are discarded. These are fish that need to be growing into breeders. 

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Cramps Bay 25/11/2012

Bailey & I decided it was about time we got into a bit of dry fly fishing, so with a good forecast we decided to spend a few of hours up at Cramps Bay at Great lake. Werrived around 12pm and fished till 5pm, was tough going. There were plenty of gum beetles on the water, but not too many taking off the top; we did a lot of running around looking for likely spots.

Eventually we found a few feeding on some lee shores (in the calm sections) and in a couple in slicks. We ended up with seven brownies, all caught on my orange dry & one on an emerger pattern. Conditions were calm when we arrived, then the breeze got up later on from the North- West, fish were full of gummies, had a great arvo.
Will be back to have a go at a bit of “shark fishing” (out in the middle of the lake) in a few weeks, can’t wait.


PS, had some pictures sent to me over the weekend, so will send them on for you to have a look.
Dave Smith sent a few of a 200kg mako caught in Bass Straight, a school shark, nice size flathead from Tamar Heads.
Another is of Nathan Zanetto with a nice striped trumpeter caught at St.Helens today.


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