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Atlantic salmon the hard way

Scott McDonald
The first Atlantic salmon eggs used to begin Tasmania's Atlantic salmon aquaculture industry were introduced into Tasmania in 1984. From these humble beginnings a valuable Tasmanian industry has evolved with a worldwide reputation for having a premium disease free product. This industry provides a spin off to all anglers in the form of regular escapes of salmon from the farms.

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Great Lake Report November Long Weekend

With a big wish list for a great long weekend planned my bubble soon got burst on Friday when I checked the 4 day weather forecast. Arriving at the Great lake around 2pm finding a reasonable southerly wind coming straight up the lake and most of the fish on the fish finder at around the 7 metre mark I guess due to the barometric pressure on a down ward trend also found they weren't very hungry tried every colour of the rainbow to catch only 1browny in good condition 1 1/2lbs and a very shabby rainbow should have been over 3lbs bet was lucky to get 1 1/2lbs on the scale. I don't why this fish was in so poor condition but over the weekend talking to another angler he had caught one as well just as poor.

Saturday should have had a bottle of Wild Turkey instead of fishing wind coming from the East all a waste of time 6 hrs fishing 0 fish. Sunday morning came had a wind change again  now from the North West and better conditions but the pressure was still down with no fish movement happening at around the 5 m mark on the sounder and still not hungry, finally at around 2pm a change came in the weather and and fish started to move getting a solid Rainbow 3 lbs and 3 browns between 1 & 2 lbs in 2 hours. Much happier now.
All fish were caught on lures in black & red and rainbow trout coloured lures using lead line around 3 coloures. Until next time happy fishing and tight lines.
From Colin and Sue

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