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The Jewel of the South D'Entrecasteaux Channel

Between the mainland and Bruny Island in the states southeast lies a large stretch of water referred to as the D'Entrecasteaux Channel. "The channel', as it is affectionately known to the locals, is a mecca for both the shore and boat angler. Its numerous bays, points and islands are home for many species, which can be targeted from the shire or out in boats. Flathead, squid, mackerel and pike are amongst the most popular species, but garfish, Australian Salmon, wrasse, Atlantic salmon, cod, barracuda and various shark and ray species are also frequently encountered. It is a designated "Recreational Only" fishing area with no commercial fishing.

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Great Lake Report 15/10/2012

I decided to have a look up at Elizabeth Bay today in Great lake. My young offsider, Shane from work has been at me to take him trout fishing for ages so I decided to take him up for a fish, Bailey couldn't be with us as he was too busy down at St.Helens fishing with my brother Paul and his son Nathan. They have been catching some nice salmon, bream and trevally I will try and get some pics for you later on.

Anyway back to Great lake. We arrived there around lunchtime to a very calm lake and fished around the edges casting softies and it was hard work in the glassy conditions but we managed seven trout with loosing a few others. We only kept four for the table. The fish kept were in good nick and very nice colour flesh. There was a good black beetle hatch on in  the south east corner of Elizabeth Bay with beetles floating everywhere. I saw quite a few feeding on them, but I didnt take the fly rod. We finished fishing around 6pm, so we had a great afternoons fishing. Shane loves it up there, I think hes hooked now on this soft plastic fishing.


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