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Craig Rist
Tightening up onto a big fish in a river is a great feeling with those first few seconds of uncertainty, as to what the fish might do, as it powers off after setting the hook. Will it head straight for the nearest submerged tree or swim out into open water. Instinctively you lay the rod on its side to lead the fish away from the submerged tree, the rod nearly bends in half under the shear weight and power of this fish as it now races downstream with the flow of the river. You turn the fish just before it reaches rapids; it then slogs it out deep in the middle of the pool, each beat of the tail getting slower and slower. Finally you land a fish of around 4 pounds, what a feeling.

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Cramps Bay 18/9/2012

Bailey and I thought it was about time we had a fish. It’s been three weeks since we wet a line, so off we went to Cramps Bay to put the boat in. We got there around 11am and got back to the ramp around 4.30pm. The day was mostly cloudy with a few sunny periods, with light wind coming from the south east, turning around later in arvo from the north.

We managed to bag twelve brownies, with the fish coming from Cramps Bay, Sandbanks Bay and Cider Park Bay. The fish we caught from Cider Park Bay were a  better quality of fish, but a bit smaller in size. We kept four from here and there flesh was very red, they also fought a lot harder than fish coming from the other bays. The fish were caught on berkley black & golds, except one caught from Cramps which was caught on a Ballista Trigger LED hardbody, which Mike Stevens wanted Bailey and I to try out. We only gave them a go for a short while and managed one in the boat and one lost at the boat. They looked great in the water and tracked straight. We will give them a good try out next time. All fish were caught in fairly close to shore.

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