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Presented from Issue 109, April 2014
Post-Christmas has me focussed on the Derwent’s big black bream more often than not these days and given my proximity to the river its little wonder that is the case. In a busy time poor world the ease one can achieve a few hours at the drop of a hat it’s a quick release to clear the mind. But come April the true trout angler inside always sees me looking to the highlands for a couple of late season fixes on the trout.

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Great Lake 2/6/2012

We had a great day fishing with my son  Bailey and Danny Jacobs in my boat, Todd, Jim & Virginia McKenna in Todd’s boat, Dale “The Unit” Howard and Trev in their boat & Brent Taylor and his son Ashey in their boat.
All of us managed fish, what a great bunch to fish with; anyway, this is our boats report.
The morning started off slow to start with us dropping a couple and getting onto a couple a bit later, on the western shore of Cramps.

We then tried the eastern shore and made our way around to a small bay south of the intake, it was then that we started getting onto a few.
Went back to the ramp to pick up Danny around lunch time and headed back around to the small bay and caught four more, (one being a rainbow) which Bailey caught.
All up we managed 10 trout, kept four of the better ones and released the rest.
They were all caught on softies, we all dropped quite a few, a lot tougher going today than last Saturday, might have been the low pressure system making things tough, all in all a great day was had with good company.


Thank you Phil,
Don’t forget the “cameo appearance” from President Jamie Morehouse and his son Patrick, doing a bit of bait fishing at the ramp.
I believe the warming fire was a welcome sight as the guys got off the water.
Sorry we missed you Jamie, we did see you heading up Poatina hill when we were on our way down it.
We had to leave early as Jim and Virginia had a dinner they had to attend this evening.
Was great it catch up with the Tamar marine guys, (Brent and Danny) as well.


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